Customized Spiritual Retreats with Faith Spina

If you have found your way to me, there are NO accidents.  My name is Faith and I am what many refer to as a Teachers, teacher.  I prefer to skip labels and instead refer to myself as YOU.  Your higher self. Your MIRROR. I’m going to show YOU things about yourself that you never realized or have forgotten.  I am an HONEST reflection…and will tell you things your best friend won’t.  Sometimes you may not like me..or what you see.  However, I guarantee that you will have a week that you will REMEMBER for a lifetime!

Are you confused?  Needing clarity?

Seeking answers to how to navigate life with ease and grace?

Sick and tired of being in PAIN?

Relationships not working?

Stuck in a rut?


I don’t have the answers for you…but I have something more important.  The RIGHT questions in order for YOU to discover that you’ve had the answers all along.  They were just lost in the distractions of the mind.

During our 5 day Retreat you will UNCOVER those answers and find the TRUTH of who YOU really are.

If you are looking for an easy way out…than this is NOT for you.  If you are looking for a FUN and exciting ADVENTURE of the spirit then let’s talk and see if you qualify to spend a week with me.

If 5 days is too much, I also offer individually coaching sessions via Skype, phone or in person.

The Five Day Retreat includes a 7 day-6 night stay at a Dream Cottage on the Magical Island of Kaua’i.  This incredible Hawaiian Island is a lush tropical island with Aqua Water beaches, serene mountains and is known as the Pineal Gland of the Chakras.  The energy here is AMPLIFIED and will assist you in your souls evolvement.

We have Deluxe and Basic Accommodations depending on your desires.  Prices range from $5,555-$8888 for the week.  Airfare and extra services are not included and an additional charge.


What is included?

Meals, Transportation, Journeys to Sacred Energy Spots on the Island, One on one Spiritual Coaching Sessions, Sound and Body Healing and much more!



Here’s what some of our guests have to say:

~ Verena from Switzerland


After my first coaching session with Faith, I knew I was in for a profound journey…and that life would never be the same. Faith sees you for who you REALLY are, and that is a rare gift indeed!  Since I began the coaching series, I have transformed many of my core limiting beliefs into rocket fuel for my purpose! I see life as an adventure, and I am so grateful for the reflection, wisdom, and clarity of Faith’s coaching… it helps me stay on track. It isn’t easy work, but it’s worth it. I would recommend to anyone who is ready to take their business or personal life to the next level to invite Faith into their lives.

~ Elijah Ray, Sound Healer from Band of Light


I had asked the Universe for guidance and somehow I was led to befriend Faith on facebook. I was very drawn to Faith’s high frequency and my soul was yearning to learn from her. Of course, Faith would say that it’s about me wanting to connect to my own higher self.
If you are ready to expand to the fullest of who you are, Faith will work (play with) you until you’re shedding tears of joy. She gets to the core of what you need to address. She is laser sharp and keeps you on course, yet completely present and holds space for unconditional love.
Working with Faith has been truly transformational on every level, and I cannot recommend her enough. I had studied extensive energy healing in the past, but this was the missing link to my full spiritual awakening.
If you have the good fortune to be in her presence, you should leap at the chance!
with much love & gratitude,

Melody Park Shin


Aloha Faith,

Thank you so much for our coaching session yesterday, it was a complete joy for me too! Faith, I am TRULY HONORED to work with you. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference you have made in my life already with just 2 simple phone calls. I cannot wait to come out in August because if this is what happens by phone, I just know I’m going to kick it up a notch when I get there! I also understand that my
development will be in my own way and at my own pace that is right for me because I am me.

I really did open up a lot yesterday. There are areas that we’ve spoken about in our calls that I understand on the intellectual level but felt them yesterday on the emtional level. I wasn’t crying at all; I was really grounded in my body because it FINALLY hit me about my soul, how I came in here, the agreements I’ve made, where I am, how my life is perfectly orchestrated because it’s how I wanted it. I came back to work and really paid attention to everything going on around me: listening to people, their conversations, their interactions with one another, etc., it’s as if my senses were heightened. I’m also looking at this job in a different light and not so negatively since this is where I am supposed to be at this time. It will change when it’s time. ~

~ Pat West


It’s rare to find a spiritual coach and teacher who REALLY walks the talk and does her own work. Faith offers the support of a spiritual partnership to assist you in getting greater clarity and staying committed to making the choices that bring the greatest benefit. Faith is a most delightful and insightful companion on this path of liberation! What a blessing it is to work with someone of such dedication and light!

~ Jennifer Hadley, Los Angeles


They say that, when the student is ready, the master appears. I found my way to Faith at the perfect time. Keen to be who I truly am, I learned form Faith that I was being hindered by repressed feelings, an outdated belief system and a story that was an illusion. Letting go of these, I now feel that I am free to be all of who I am and to create and enJOY a life that I love.
Following our skype session, Faith was wonderfully generous in providing links to material that took me exactly where I needed to go to gain clarity and insight. I am grateful for her being so generous with her time.
When you are ready… a session with Faith is quite magical!

- Glynis Ferguson, Freedom Coaching, Hong Kong.


” Working with Faith is like looking into a clear mirror of wisdom. She reflects back to you your own higher nature and assists you in claiming it. I love working with her, she is filled with love, light, clarity, and humor.”

~ Shan Watters


Faith is a teacher of teachers, a truly gifted and humble being for any energy work. I do recommend her, as she has done so much for my partner and I, when we were on Kauai still few days ago. (Btw, it feels as if I am still there!). The highest guidance is truly coming from our higher self. However, when we sometimes need to perceive Life from a different perspective, it may be helpul to connect to gifted practitioners as Faith is. Thank you so much for your unconditional love and service to Humanity.

~ Marine Rot


‘When I saw Faith for the first time during an interview with Lilou, something clicked inside my heart. I asked her to do a session with me and she responded with warmth and love. I feel the Universe speaks through her and so talking to Faith makes me feel connected, understood and happy. She provides me with wisdom and respects the path I walk. Always a joy to hear her voice!’
~ Vivianne- Botman Kels


Have you ever gone through life feeling like you are lost? Do you ever feel like there is something bigger in store for me? Have you lost your faith in yourself and maybe even the world? Please rest assured that I have felt that way as well. Life changing events happen everyday. I have walked many years on this earth ignoring signs and feelings and wonderful things that were right in front of me. I felt for such a long time that I was going through life just to survive. That is not living at all. Struggling with bills and money and negativity and fear. That was me everyday. Horrible isn’t it to not even be living to live but just to survive. If you feel a connection to what I wrote know it is your time to feel differantly. It is time for your full potential in life. Why let the worries and fear and struggling overcome you and life? Don’t let it please. Take that step to make a differance in your life. Take the time to get what you want out of life. If you don’t like a movie you change it right? Or you walk out of a movie theater..right? Why not do that with your own life and take charge. I needed help. I surrendered to that. It is ok we need that guidence and help. I have connected with Faith Spina who is the owner of this page. She is life changing. I have been floating through life trying to screw in things with a screwdriver she has handed me the powerdrill. I call her my windex. She has taken the glasses that I have warn for years that had dirt and grime that I could barely see out of. Being my windex and my power tool she helped me see and helped me do things so differantly. I truly mean that this was the best thing I have ever done. She is more then a life coach she is a gift! I encourage you to take that step because life is way too amazing and fun not to enjoy!
Stephanie Michelle Hegg


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