Inspiration for Your Soul

IMPORTANT UPDATE MESSAGE: Life is about to get busier and you are called to get responsible. Have you noticed already? There is no hiding under the covers. The energy has now begun on one of the more powerful, opportunistic and potentially life changing periods of 2015. We are now in the two week period before eclipses. Take heed.

Your body will change over the next six weeks
- We can expect to look very different by this time in April.
- Hand, Feet, Ear and Third-Eye buzzing is turned onto high.
- Thymus palpitations will increase. (see my past wall posts)
- We need to eat more water based foods to stay hydrated and to keep the energy flowing and not short-circuiting (i.e headaches).

Your relationships will shift over the next six weeks:
- perhaps you’ve already had a clearing up of friendships and relationships which were stagnate? Expect more, it’s all good for you.

Home situations will change and improve : Moving, shifting, renovating, de-cluttering, selling, buying etc.

The eclipses are coming and are the cosmic way of cleaning up what you have been putting off!

So don’t get worried about this, get happy that you are being helped in a big way…

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