Inspiration for Your Soul

“Taking the War out of Man is a terminology that goes back to the days of the Temple. It was a deep and skilful healing undertaken by the Priestesses to facilitate the “Return of the Men” after a long and drawn out war. The men were invited to ‘pass through the Temple doors’ before returning home to their wives and children. This was a natural and normal way of life. The Priestesses were regarded as ‘holy women’ or ‘Handmaidens of the Mother’ and not seen as a threat or as scarlet women. The men would pass through the temple doors with not only the permission, but also the deep gratitude from the rest of the family who knew this work was essential, sacred and of the highest integrity.”
Taken from “Divinzed Sexuality: The Birth of the Divine Human through Sacred Relationship” by Anaiya Sophia

Who ‘remembers’ this ?